Does Your Data Stack Up?

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Research data is being leveraged at the forefront of marketing everything from snacks to automobiles…even entertainment. And the television producers for movie streaming giant, Netflix, are ahead of the game. With the release of several new original programs, Netflix is … Continue reading

Technology Supports a Better Workout

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The landscape of health and wellness changes continuously with the evolution of technology. Whether it’s the latest fitness app that helps you set achievable goals and helps you track progress, or if it’s just the latest tablet that allows you … Continue reading

Marketing to Women

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There are few trends in marketing today that are not able to change in the blink of an eye. The hottest social media channel, new technologies and devices your customers are using, clever campaigns that change the industry – these developments can … Continue reading

Design Trend – Flat Design

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Mobile devices and tablets have changed the nature of the web. With these technologies in hand, user behavior (the how, the why, the when) plays an influential role in web design. And while great brands still call for great design, … Continue reading